Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis
"How to purchase and maintain the
correct printing equipment for your home or office."
MEETING DATE: February 23, 2016

This meeting will cover the basics of laser and Inkjet printers, all in one, copy and fax machines. Why you should consider one over another and the options that become confusing. We will also address proper maintenance you can do on your own to avoid costly service calls or machine replacement.

I am a pioneer in the Toner Cartridge Recycling Industry. In 1988 there were four toner cartridges today there are well over 8000. Our best guess was that the technology would change in five years if we were lucky. And when I say we - I am referring to my father and myself. Our goal when we started was to promote recycling awareness and we quickly learned very few people really cared about recycling - they're cared about saving money. So we started door to door in Middletown offering a new and unique approach to print cartridges and forged on.

Twenty eight years later we have kept to our goal of recycling and at the same times saves thousands of local professionals, Businesses and Municipalities money. Dad has long since retired and we have moved in to a company that services everyone from major regional banks, fortune 500 companies, to doctors and dentists, and accounting firms and even people who has a machine home for their kids for school. I find in my travels that most people over buy equipment and get confused with some of the unusual marketing of some almost identical printers and I'd love to share that expertise which you entitled " How to buy what's right for in everyway".

I also pass along some quick and easy maintenance tips that will extend the life of your equipment and save you in unnecessary and costly service calls. I have sat on the Board of Directors for the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and run the successful Women in Business Luncheons for six years. I am a breast cancer survivor and a brain aneurysm survivor....well four brain aneurysms but who's counting. I regularly counsel small business start ups. I am from Midddletown, married with a grown son.