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Panel Presentation: “My Favorite or Most Used Windows Programs”

MEETING DATE: Thursday, January 26, 2023

6:45PM - 9:00PM via Zoom Virtual Meeting

Our Panelists

Mary Batistick - BCUG Member since 2007, Red Bank, NJ

Retirement has provided many opportunities for using my favorite computer programs as a casual user. This includes organizing information for volunteer activities, hobbies, and home life. The programs help in my position as volunteer Treasurer and Membership Chairperson for a small non-profit, in my roles as both a singing member and a volunteer in a large semiprofessional chorale, and also in my past 6-years as Board Secretary on my homeowners’ board of trustees. During my professional career in financial services and later in performance auditing, desktop computing only played a role in my later years. I had no formal computer education, and I don’t have a technical computer background.

Sujit D'Mello - BCUG Member since 2020, Holmdel, NJ

Sujit is a Software Engineer at Microsoft building cloud applications for the Financial Services sector. He has been a lifelong software developer from the days of the Commodore 64, CDC Cyber Mainframe to the Windows PC and now Linux and the Cloud, programming in C++, Python, C#, Java, Golang, JavaScript and Basic. He has co-hosted the Azure Podcast, a weekly show that talks about cloud technology, for over 9 years. Over the past 15 years, he has volunteered at the Church of St. Catherine in Holmdel, advising them on various technology-related matters. Although he uses Mac OSX and Linux for various projects, Windows is still his favorite OS!

Mike Rowan - BCUG Member since 2015, Trustee since 2016, Belford, NJ

I am a carpenter who specializes in finish carpentry, trim, built-ins, and interior repairs. I got my first computer in 1986, an 8088 with 10 megabyte drive. I fell in love with learning how to use it.