“Finding Your Phone and Tracking Your Stuff”

MEETING DATE: Thursday, March 23, 2023

6:45PM - 8:45PM (Zoom meeting room opens at 6:45 PM; Meeting starts at 7 PM)

via Zoom virtual meeting.

Phone and keys on grass,Walking away from phone.
Craig Wright

Deborah Neff

Craig Wright
Deborah Neff


Do you have nomophobia (Nomophobia, or NO MObile PHone PhoBIA is when a person experiences fear or anxiety about not having mobile phone connectivity.) Today's presentations will look at how to prevent loss of your phone, devices or stuff, and how to find them if lost. Craig Wright and Deborah Neff will address this from an Apple/iPhone perspective, and the CyberZone will talk about recovering a lost phone, whether iPhone ot Android.

Speakers’ Backgrounds

Craig Wright, Director of Electronic Communication for the Columbus Computer Society. Craig grew up in northeast Ohio and has resided in Columbus, Ohio, since graduating from high school. He attended Ohio State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (majoring in computer information science). Craig worked as an application developer for almost 42 years, mostly writing assembler, C, and Java software. He was also an adjunct instructor at the Columbus State Community College for about 12 years, teaching Java and HTML. Craig retired in May 2019 and spends too much time playing with Apple products and Raspberry Pi single-board computers.

Deborah Neff, Member, the Prescott Macintosh User Group
Deborah grew up in east-central Ohio. She started her career in sales after graduating from Ohio University. Her last employer was bringing computers to the field sales force; her computer was a Kaypro 2000 laptop and a portable dot matrix printer! Deborah was then hooked on computers. She left her sales career and went back to college to obtain a computer science degree. Her first personal desktop computer was a Gateway; her first job was working on a help desk and was promoted to network administrator. In 2010, she switched out her equipment for an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. She later added a MacBook Air for travel, a HomePod, 3 HomePod Minis, an Apple Watch, and, of course, Air Tags. Deborah has resided in Prescott, Arizona since January 2018.