Andrea Tarr

"Buying and Selling on Ebay"
MEETING DATE: April 15, 2011

Perhaps you are wondering how eBay works. Or you have tried to use eBay to sell or buy something, but weren’t quite sure if you had the knack of it.

Actually, eBay has been around for a long time, and people are quite comfortable and used to the routine. List, Sell, Send/Buy, Pay, Receive. Or is it that easy? Over the years, eBay has changed and developed to make it easier to use. Some of the changes are logical – others take a bit of getting used to.

Whether you are buying or selling, there are always questions. Sometimes we hesitate to “click” and think that it will result in a loss of money, or an instant sale. We will learn how to avoid some of the pitfalls of eBay, including how to find out if a seller can be trusted, and what their feedback status indicates. Just because someone is listing on eBay doesn’t mean they are the most trustworthy person in the world. However, there is a peer to peer pressure to be “honest” that is quite remarkable.

At our April general meeting, Andrea will explain some of these issues and also give us tips on using the eBay site. Using her own account page and personal experiences, she will conduct an open discussion to show us what eBay is all about.

Although this is not a class in using eBay, Andrea will be able to answer your questions having to do with uploading photos, and choosing the best seller for your item. She will also look at the eBay interface, and point out the various features that make using the site easier. There are also many new features such as the Wish List that you may not be familiar with.

Andrea has done freelance graphic design and photography for many years. She is the former editor of BCUG Bytes and was the facilitator of the Graphics Workshop for over 10 years. She has recently been busy working on her photographic art and exhibiting locally. She is the Program Director at SCAN Adult Education Center in Eatontown, and teaches several courses there including Basics of Buying and Selling on eBay and eBay Workshop.

This will be a particularly interesting talk for anyone who is interested in selling and buying online, or in just what eBay is all about. We always enjoy Andrea’s presentations and look forward to an enjoyable evening.